Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Celebrating its first year of delighting millions of global players, the award-winning and best-selling strategy franchise continues with Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition, putting you at the center of even more epic historical battles that shaped the world.
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  • Empires Will Rise


    Construct your first Landmark.

  • Kingdoms Will Fall


    Defeat 20 enemy units.

  • A New Age Is Upon Us


    Complete the Introductory Tutorial.

  • The Normans


    Complete The Normans campaign.

  • Counter-Raider


    Loot the Danish war camp during the North to York mission.

  • Fill the Coffers


    Collect every treasure chest during the Battle of Patay.

  • The Fundamentals


    Complete the Training Mastery.

  • Quick Study


    Complete your first Civilization Mastery task.

  • Pass the Marshmallows


    Use the Setup Camp ability 20 times as the English.

  • Jagutu-iin Darga


    Enhance 100 units with a single Khan Signal Arrow as the Mongols.

  • Du Bois Are Back in Town


    Win in the arena without losing more than 10 units during the Combat of the Thirty.

  • We Charge Extra for That


    Shutdown a Cavalry Charge with Palings as the English.

  • The Hundred Years War

    Complete The Hundred Years War campaign.

  • The Mongol Empire

    Complete The Mongol Empire campaign.

  • The Rise of Moscow

    Complete The Rise of Moscow campaign.

  • Age of Empires IV Campaign

    Complete the Age of Empires IV campaigns

  • Chivalry

    Enlist the aid of 45 Knights during the Battle of Tinchebray.

  • Siegebreaker

    Defeat the siege before the Keep takes damage during the First Battle of Lincoln.

  • Quit Touching Me!

    Stop any of the city's walls being destroyed during the Siege of Wallingford.

  • Battle Royal

    Field a Royal siege unit with all the brothers' bonuses during Retake Normandy.

  • Careful Cannons

    Win the Battle of Formigny without losing any cannons.

  • Twinkle Hooves

    Don't lose any Mangudai during the Battle of the Kalka River.

  • Yeah, Well, You Should See the Other Guy

    Lose a unit to the Front Gate of Zhangjiakou during the Great Wall mission.

  • Forgot a Batu

    Kill double the enemies as Batu when assaulting the bridge in the Battle of Mohi.

  • Boom Boom Pao

    Don't lose any Huihui Pao during the Fall of Xiangyang.

  • Keep the Change

    Pay off the Mongols within 3 minutes during the Tribute mission.

  • Get Off My Bailey!

    Stop the Mongols from entering the outer city during Hold Against the Horde.

  • Ancient Tower Defense

    Kill 50 enemies with Wooden Fortresses during the Great Stand on the Ugra River.

  • Classic Conquest

    Destroy all enemy units and production buildings during the Siege of Kazan.

  • Master of the French

    Complete the French Mastery.

  • Master of the Holy Roman Empire

    Complete the Holy Roman Empire Mastery.

  • Master of the Delhi Sultanate

    Complete the Delhi Sultanate Mastery.

  • Master of the Chinese

    Complete the Chinese Mastery.

  • Master of the Abbasid Dynasty

    Complete the Abbasid Dynasty Mastery.

  • Recorded History

    View a replay.

  • By Force

    Achieve a Landmarks Victory.

  • By Faith

    Achieve a Sacred Victory.

  • By Fortune

    Achieve a Wonder Victory.

  • Make It Quick

    Achieve a Landmarks Victory in the Dark Age (I).

  • Walk the Earth

    Achieve a Sacred Victory without losing a religious unit.

  • Wonderstruck

    Achieve a Wonder Victory without constructing walls.

  • Precious Medals

    Earn a Medal in 3 Art of War challenges.

  • Challenge Taker

    Earn your first Gold Medal in an Art of War challenge.

  • Record Breaker

    Earn a Gold Medal in 5 Art of War challenges.

  • Sub-Human Subduer

    Win a 1v1 match against the Easy A.I.

  • Par-Human Potentate

    Win a 1v1 match against the Intermediate A.I.

  • High-Human Hero

    Win a 1v1 match against the Hard A.I.

  • Super-Human Subjugator

    Win a 1v1 match against the Hardest A.I.

  • The Faithful

    Convert 30 enemies without holding a Relic as the Abbasid Dynasty.

  • All the World's Knowledge

    During a match, research everything in the wings of the Abbasid House of Wisdom.

  • Shifting Winds

    Defeat 1,000 enemy cavalry units with your Camel Riders as the Abbasid Dynasty.

  • A Golden Age

    Achieve the third tier of the Golden Age as the Abbasid Dynasty.

  • Dread Fort

    Kill 100 enemies with Keeps as the English.

  • Lancerlot

    Charge an enemy with 50 Royal Knights simultaneously as the French.

  • Who Needs Infantry?

    Win a match without producing infantry as the French.

  • Big Shot

    Destroy 1,000 enemy units with gunpowder siege engines as the French.

  • Do You Deliver?

    Accrue 1,000 Food from Traders in a single match as the French.

  • Wild's Bounty

    Accrue 2,000 Gold with Hunting Cabins in a single match as the Rus.

  • Big Game Hunter

    Earn 500 Gold from bounties in a match as the Rus.

  • Deforestation

    Gather Wood 1,000 times as the Rus.

  • In Memory of Kulikovo

    Enhance 10 units with a single Saint's Blessing strike as the Rus.

  • Raiding Party

    Raid an enemy building in the Dark Age (I) as the Mongols.

  • Long Live the Khan

    Win a match without your Khan being killed as the Mongols.

  • Explore, Expand, Exploit

    Accrue 10,000 Stone in a single match as the Mongols.

  • Who Needs Cavalry?

    Win a match without producing cavalry as the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Inspired Economics

    Have at least 60 simultaneously inspired Villagers as the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Servants of the Land

    Kill 10,000 enemies with Landsknechte.

  • Swift Site

    Begin capturing a Sacred Site immediately upon entering Age III as the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Herd You Like Elephants

    Destroy 100 enemy buildings with your elephants as the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Field Construction

    Build a Stone Wall, Gate, and Tower using infantry as the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Higher Education

    Have 20 Scholars garrisoned in a Madrasa as the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Pantomath

    Research all technologies in a match as the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Be Subtle

    Reveal 300 Villagers with a single use of Imperial Spies as the Chinese.

  • Great Walls

    Construct 1,000 Stone Walls as the Chinese.

  • Move Like Wind, Attack Like Fire

    Defeat 1,000 enemy units with the Nest of Bees as the Chinese.

  • Four Histories

    Establish all of the Dynasties in a single match as the Chinese.

  • Wololottery

    Assume control of 25 units in a single conversion.

  • Having a Blast

    Destroy 5 enemies with a single Demolition Ship detonation.

  • All Creek, No Paddle

    Sink an enemy Transport Ship that is garrisoned to max capacity.

  • Through the Ages

    Advance to the next Age 500 times.

  • Coast Is Clear

    Win a match during which fishing was your only source of gathered Food.

  • Accurate Likeness

    Equip your first portrait.

  • To Remind, To Advise, To Warn

    Equip your first monument.

  • A Heraldic Achievement

    Customize your coat of arms.

  • Hope Is Kindled

    Extend the Network of Castles alarm across 12 buildings simultaneously as the English.

  • Master of the English

    Complete the English Mastery.

  • Master of the Mongols

    Complete the Mongol Mastery.

  • Master of the Rus

    Complete the Rus Mastery.

  • Master of the Ages

    Complete all Civilization Masteries.

  • Ottoman Expansion

    Win a match as the Ottomans.

  • Transcontinental Empire

    Win 20 matches as the Ottomans.

  • Regimented Training

    Have 5 Military Schools active at the same time as the Ottomans.

  • Mobile Strikes

    Defeat 100 ranged units with a Sipahi unit as the Ottomans.

  • A Wonderful Cannon

    Destroy a Wonder with a Great Bombard as the Ottomans.

  • Sound Advice

    Unlock 7 Imperial Council upgrades in a single match as the Ottomans.

  • Hell of a Beat

    Defeat 500 enemies with units affected by Mehteran as the Ottomans.

  • Trojan Horses

    Garrison units into 3 Trebuchets as the Ottomans.

  • Malian Rise

    Win a match as the Malians.

  • Trans-Saharan Empire

    Win 20 matches as the Malians.

  • Tax Collector

    Generate tax from 5 Toll Outposts on a single trip as the Malians.

  • From the Shadows

    Attack 100 enemies with invisible Musofadi Warriors or Gunners in a single match as the Malians.

  • Just a Prick

    Defeat a Heavy Cavalry unit with a Poisoned Arrow as the Malians.

  • All Mine

    Gather Gold 1,000 times from Open Pit Mines as the Malians.

  • Aerial Poisoned Attacks

    Defeat 500 units with Poisoned Arrow as the Malians.

  • All in the Ranch

    Garrison 20 Cattle in Ranches at the same time as the Malians.

  • Master of the Ottomans

    Complete the Ottoman Mastery.

  • Master of the Malians

    Complete the Malian Mastery.

  • The Ottoman Arts

    Earn a gold medal in the Ottoman Art of War challenge.

  • The Malian Arts

    Earn a gold medal in the Malian Art of War challenge.

  • Win for the Empire

    Win a match as the Byzantines.

  • Protecting Constantinople

    Win 20 matches as the Byzantines.

  • Unsinkable

    Construct a Transport Ship with a Varangian Guard and garrison it to maximum capacity as the Byzantines.

  • Getting Some Help

    Recruit 60 mercenaries from a Mercenary House in a single match as the Byzantines.

  • Bulwark

    Defeat 200 enemies with Limitanei while Shield Wall is active as the Byzantines.

  • Let There Be Fire

    Destroy 50 buildings with Cheirosiphons as the Byzantines.

  • Overflow

    Build 10 Cisterns in a single match as the Byzantines.

  • Let It Flow

    Accrue 2,000 Olive Oil in a single match as the Byzantines.

  • A First for the Emperor

    Win a match as the Japanese.

  • Established Lands

    Win 20 matches as the Japanese.

  • Protecting Us

    Heal 20 units using Shinto Priest units in a single match as the Japanese.

  • Daimyo Mastery

    Spend Stone to research all Town Center upgrades as the Japanese.

  • Exchange Rates

    Convert Stone to Gold at a Forge 250 times in a single match as the Japanese.

  • Shinobi Mastermind

    Use Sabotage to disable 50 buildings with Shinobi units as the Japanese.

  • Gunpowder Mastery

    Defeat 50 siege units using Ozutsu units as the Japanese.

  • Successful Gatherer

    Enhance 10 resource drop-off buildings by depositing a Yorishiro as the Japanese.

  • The Sultans

    Complete The Sultans Ascend campaign.

  • Master Naval Trader

    Have 20 Trade Ships trading simultaneously during the Raiders of the Red Sea.

  • In the Lead by a Quarter Nile

    Capture all Control Points during Into Egypt.

  • Saving the Day Early

    Eliminate all 3 enemy leaders within 30 seconds of each other during the Battle of Mansurah.

  • Rescue

    Rescue all the prisoners during the Invasion of Cyprus.