Make Way

Speed around loops, dart through train crossings, drift around helter skelters, and unleash wacky weaponry in this modern take on classic top-down multiplayer racing games. The twist? You build the track.
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  • You Can Drive My Car

    Drive over 100 kilometers

  • Draft That Wheeler

    Slipstream over 100 kilometers

  • We Have Liftoff

    Travel over 100 kilometers in the air

  • Out of My Way!

    Boost for over 100 kilometers

  • Big Time

    Score over 100,000 points in battle mode

  • Toot One's Own Horn

    Reach level 25

  • Big Baby Bonuses

    Reach level 50

  • World Tour

    Win in every location

  • Arizona Highway

    Win with the rocket car JATO

  • Say, That's a Nice Car

    Drive every vehicle

  • Battle Hardened

    Play 100 Battles

  • The Taste of Victory

    Win a Battle

  • Winner, Winner...

    Win 100 Battles

  • Photo Finish

    Win a sudden death round

  • I Rule!

    Win 25 sudden death rounds

  • Extend Play!

    Hit 100 checkpoints

  • Caution! Road Works Ahead

    Build over 100 kilometers in track length

  • Fly Right By

    Overtake 1000 opposition

  • Its Electrifying

    Zap 50 opposition with the tesla coil weapon

  • Armed and Dangerous

    Hit an opponent with every weapon

  • See Ya!

    Push 50 opposition off the track

  • Hammer Time

    Hit 50 opposition with the hammer

  • Devious

    Hit a opponent with every trap

  • Choo Choo

    Crash into a passing train

  • Perfection

    Finish a round without dying

  • Hoisted By Your Own Petard

    Drive over your own mine

  • Sticky Situation

    Have three or more sticky blobs stuck to your vehicle