Fight for your freedom in a sprawling fantasy world caught between the living and the fallen. Hone your skills in a retro epic featuring puzzle platforming, metroidvania exploration and crunchy soulslike combat.
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  • Arachnicide


  • Destroyer

    Destroy 3,000 environmental objects.

  • Demolisher

    Destroy 10,000 environmental objects.

  • Columbo

    Discover 50 hidden rooms.

  • Sherlock

    Find all of the hidden rooms.

  • Tamer

  • Killjoy

  • Big Fish

  • Dragonslayer

  • Dark soldier

  • Stalker

  • Protector of the forest

  • Vacant adversary

  • Wicked flight

  • End of a dynasty

  • Baring fangs

  • Relentless

    Defeat 1,000 enemies.

  • Unstoppable

    Defeat 5,000 enemies.

  • Master of the sword

    Complete the game as a Scout.

  • Master of the bow

    Complete the game as an Archer.

  • Master of magic

    Complete the game as a Caster.

  • Master soldier

    Complete the game as all three classes.

  • Lord of the elements

  • Master of the elements

    Inflict altered states on your enemies 50 times.

  • Lazarus

    Be revived by the Valkyries after falling in combat.

  • Skillful

    Unlock all skills.

  • Potioholic

    Use 100 potions.

  • Neighbour and friend

    Complete all side quests.

  • Forging ahead

    Upgrade your weapon to the highest level.

  • Perfect defence

    Upgrade your protection the highest level.

  • Arsenal

    Defeat 50 enemies using secondary weapons.

  • Expert

    Collect all secondary weapons.

  • Voices from the past

    Collect all Dark Crystals.

  • Explorer

    Reveal 100% of every map.

  • Monstrologist

    Complete the Bestiary in your Encyclopaedia.

  • The impossible

  • Another round

  • Granted wish

    Defeat Beigon on Soldier or Warrior mode.