Patch Quest

In a labyrinth surrounded by vicious monsters, Explorers must rely on their Lasso to survive! Capture and tame ANY monster to leap, glide, surf, tunnel and websling through a treacherous, patchwork maze. This roguelike/metroidvania seems cute, but it’s a deceptively difficult bullet-hell challenge!
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  • License to Explore

  • Secret Tunnel

  • Lost Technology

  • The End?

  • Bestiary

    Mount every monster type. You’re a rodeo master!

  • Archaeologist

    Collect every Treasure. Good luck carrying all of that.

  • Botanist

    Collect every Pin. Now that’s dedication!

  • Historian

    Collect every Note entry. The island’s lost knowledge has been revealed.

  • Zookeeper

    Keep a Pet of every type. Hopefully they won't eat each other!

  • Cartographer

    Reveal the entire map. You've really seen it all!

  • Can't Touch Me

  • Pacifist

  • Shining Orchard

  • Is This a Plant?

  • Marching Band

  • Around the World

    Visit the Jungle, Hills, Desert and Coast in a single Quest.

  • Just Plain Stubborn

    Defeat a Crystal Core Boss without riding any monsters during that Quest.

  • Strong Heart

    Reach 125 maximum health. Don't get too careless!

  • Gadget Master

    Reach the highest Explorer Rank. The Guild has nothing more to teach you.

  • Overloved

  • Crowned Companion

  • Home Continent

    Have 14 themed patches in your Base Camp. You've built a great holiday destination!

  • Keeping Warm

    Plant a Volcanic Pin in the Glacier Zone.

  • A New Start

  • Challenge Accepted

  • Medal Collector

  • True Champion