Turbo Overkill

Turbo Overkill is complete and with many new updates (just in: spectacular ending credits). Clean up Paradise with your chainsaw leg, 15+ weapons & hovercar, and battle Syn (a super AI), bounty hunters, and cyberpunks aplenty. Apogee's most outrageous FPS since Duke Nukem 3D. Good hunting, Sir!
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  • First Blood


    Complete Syn

  • RoboShark


    Get eaten by a shark in Emergence

  • Point Break

    Complete Emergence

  • Hard Boiled

    Complete Battle Alley

  • Police Story

    Complete Open Season

  • Predator

    Complete Dead Plaza


    Complete Ascension

  • The Need for Speed

    Complete Rooftops

  • Runaway Train

    Complete Artifact-Zero

  • I Will Have My Vengeance

  • No Way Home

    Complete Paradise Lost

  • The Wild Bunch

    Complete Toxin Refinery

  • Malfunction. Need Input

    Complete Teratek Factory

  • Commando

    Complete Outskirts

  • Fury Road

    Complete Exodus

  • Lethal Weapons

    Complete The Wastes

  • Consider That A Divorce

    Complete Pressure Point

  • Yippee-Ki-Yay

    Complete Napalm Blitz

  • Army of Darkness

  • We Can Rebuild Him

    Complete Refactor

  • No Time To Die

    Complete Scrapyard

  • I'll Be Back

    Complete Infestation

  • Silent Running

    Complete Night Ride

  • Always Bet On Black

    Complete Sunset Synthetica

  • A New Hope

    Complete Terminal Eclipse

  • Metropolis

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Endgame

  • Hasta La Vista, Baby

    Complete Episode 3

  • Total Recall

  • Can I Play, Daddy?

    Finish every level on Virgin Blood or higher

  • You Look Like A Good Joe

    Finish every level on Regular Joe or higher

  • Taking Out The Trash

    Finish every level on Street Cleaner or higher

  • Ultra Violence

    Finish every level on Serve Me Pain or higher

  • Overkilled

    Finish every level on Murder Machine

  • Keen Hunter

    Find all Tech-Chips and Cassette Tapes

  • Kill 'Em All

    Get 100% kills on every level

  • You're A Disease And I'm The Cure

    Defeat the Bounty Hunters

  • Event Horizon

    Defeat The Monstrosity

  • Fat Wads

    Have over 100,000 Zhen in your current account

  • Groovy

    Get all weapons and upgrades on a single save slot

  • Fully Evolved

    Acquire all augments on a single save slot

  • Paradise Pile-up

    Kill up to 8 enemies with 1 Waster explosive shot

  • Endless Pro 1

    Get beyond wave 20 on Endless on default settings

  • Endless Pro 2

    Get beyond wave 40 on Endless on default settings

  • Free Your Mind

    Stay off the ground for 30 seconds or more

  • Ion Furious

    Kill 15 or more enemies with 1 Ion Blaster beam

  • Mace Windon't

    Kill a Rammer with their own Mace

  • Pink Mist

    Fire a rocket, grab it with the plasma gun, and kill 5 or more enemies with it

  • Rocket Man

    Kill 10 or more enemies with 1 Launcher rocket

  • Dodge This

    Kill up to 25 enemies while in Turbo-Time

  • Buddy, I Think You're Slime

    Kill Jazz with toxic slime

  • Better Things To Do

    Kill Artifact-Zero in less than a minute

  • Pacifist, Minus Chainsaws

    Finish Exodus without firing your hoverbikes minigun or lasers

  • Chenis

    Get taunted by Maw at the secret splice terminal in Terminal Eclipse

  • Don't Scratch My Ride

    Finish Infestation without taking a hit while driving the car

  • That's Dope

    Kill all Dopefish in Open Season

  • Run The Gauntlet

    Finish The Wastes on Serve Me Pain or higher without dying or reloading

  • Jimmy Eat You

    Get eaten by Jimmy the worm in Outskirts

  • No Maw

    Defeat Maw on Napalm Blitz without taking a single hit or reloading

  • Rip and Tear

    Defeat Ripper in under 5 minutes without dying or reloading

  • Overqualified

    Get denied entry to the No Chainsaws club in Battle Alley

  • Skill Issue

    Kill Maw and his minions in the final arena of Night Ride with chainsaws only

  • Gotta Go Fast

    Complete Vector-4 in under 12 minutes

  • No More Splicing

    Destroy the haunted machine on Sunset Synthetica

  • No More Games

    Destroy the arcade cabinet in Scrapyard

  • Halfpipe

    Kill all enemies in the skate arena in Syn by only using your Chainsaw leg