Dive into a surreal ocean abyss in an atmospheric puzzle-adventure. Explore dangerous waters, possess sea creatures and solve environmental puzzles to discover what lies deep below the surface…
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  • Prey

    While possessing a creature, get eaten by another creature

  • Predator

    While possessing a creature, eat another creature

  • Toxic

    While possessing a poisoned creature, get eaten by another creature

  • Electrified

    Electrocute another creature with an Electric Eel

  • Headbutt

    Head-butt another creature with the Blockhead

  • Machinist

    Smash a machine

  • Masochist

  • Fearless Leader

    Lead a shoal of at least 30 fish

  • Possession Novice

    Possess 5 unique creature types

  • Possession Journeyman

    Possess 8 unique creature types

  • Possession Expert

    Possess every unique creature type

  • Bird Feeder

    Feed the birds

  • Get Off Me!

  • Minced Leech

    Kill 10 leeches in less than 5 seconds

  • Gulper Eel

    Defeat the Gulper Eel

  • Kraken Tree

    Defeat the Kraken Tree

  • Spider Crab

    Defeat the Spider Crab

  • Abyss

    Defeat the Gloom Flower

  • Awakenings

    Awaken the Great Machine

  • Find Yourself

    Find and possess all of the other divers in a single playthrough

  • Immortal

    Without ever dying, find yourself and awaken the machine