Craftopia is the brand new multiplayer survival action game made in Japan. We combined many features we find enjoyable, such as hunting, farming, hack-and-slash, building, automation to develop this game.
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  • Power of Tower


    Repair Wedge Tower in Geezah Plateau.

  • The Return of the King

    Defeat King Mono.

  • Forehead Flicking

    Defeat Ancient Golem.

  • Herbicide

    Defeat Fleur.

  • Getting Bored of Slaying Dragons…

    Defeat Dragon.

  • Gryps Conflict

    Defeat Griffon of Golden Sky.

  • Calcium Deficiency

    Defeat Bone Dragon.

  • Enter the Dungeon

    Clear Ruin of Beginning.

  • Death After Death

    Clear Old Garden of Undead.

  • Who's the Hunter Now?

    Clear Ruin of Hunters.

  • Maneuver Kill

    Clear Old Garden of Storms.

  • Noble Bullfrog

    Clear Labyrinth of Torrent.

  • Skillful Executioner

    Clear Old Garden of Massacre.

  • Chill Down the Spine

    Clear Ruin of Everfrost.

  • Over the Dungeon

    Clear Grinding Dungeon of Difficulty Hell 100 or more times.

  • How Many Miles to the Summit?

    Reach Anubis's floating island.

  • Beanstalk

    Reach the highest point of the big tree in Archipelago.

  • Ground Zero

    Reach the deepest point of the large hole in Valley.

  • The Highest Peak

    Reach the highest point of the pinnacle floating on top of the Sherbert Iceberg.

  • Is It Higher Than a Windmill?

    Repair Wedge Tower in Millewind Hill.

  • Right Spot to Find a Prey

    Repair Wedge Tower in Yarden Meadow's Mountain.

  • How Much Is It Worth...?…?

    Repair Wedge Tower in Yarden Meadow's Ruin.

  • Landscape Protection

    Repair Wedge Tower in Owatatsu Archipelago.

  • Height Difference

    Repair Wedge Tower in Brigandine Valley.

  • Still Lower Than Mountains

    Repair Wedge Tower in Sherbert Iceberg.

  • Craft of Tanks

    Craft War Tank.

  • The sky's the limit...

    Launch Prototype Rocket.

  • Pipeline is Lifeline

    Build a continuous pipeline with 200 or more connections.

  • 1:4:9

    Craft Artificial Monolith.

  • Blasphemy Against Life

    Produce 100 or more lives at Breeding Facility.

  • Coal Miner

    Mine from Bedrock with Excavator.

  • Put Food on the Table

    Put Livestock Farm in operation.

  • Disassembler

    Reach Refinement Level 100 or higher.

  • 1000 Practice Swings

    Obtain 10000 Stored Energies.

  • Enchanter

    Collect 300 or more kind of Enchantments.

  • Specialist

    Learn Tier 5 Skill.

  • Millionaire

    Obtain 100,000,000 G.

  • You'll Know Squid or Octopus If You Grill

    Catch Kraken.

  • This Mineral Used to Be Legendary

    Obtain Adamantite.

  • Dragontamer

    Tame Dragon as a pet.

  • Blasphemy Against the God

    Tame Anubis as a pet.

  • Non-Humanitarian

    Tame Camille as a pet.

  • Breeder

    Reach Pet Level 50 or higher.

  • Veteran

    Reach Player Level 50 or higher.

  • Professional Jack of all Trades

    Complete 40 or more quests.