Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins is a 2D side-scrolling survival action game, where you play as a young girl that has awoken in a strange and foreign place without her memories. Explore a dark and dangerous world, battle hideous monsters, and topple incredible bosses.
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  • Arrive Home

  • Artifact Collector

    Collect every artifact.

  • Assassin

    Complete Assassin Mode.

  • Boss Killer

    Defeat every boss.

  • Bug Hunter

    Defeat 60 bugs.

  • Cryomancer

    Defeat 50 enemies with ice spells.

  • Explorer

    Visit every area.

  • Ghost Buster

    Defeat 10 Banshees.

  • Gladiator

    Defeat 47 enemies with a Gladius.

  • Goblin Tales

  • Witch

    Complete Witch Mode.

  • Holy Knight

    Defeat 20 enemies with a Holy Sword.

  • Hoarder

    Collect every piece of equipment.

  • Iconoclasm

  • Inquisitor

    Defeat 66 Demon or Undead enemies.

  • Librarian

    Collect every record.

  • Lumberjack

    Defeat 30 Plant monsters.

  • Marksman

    Inflict 50 critical hits with a Bow.

  • Meat Lover

    Consume 100 Meat items.

  • Money Swag

    Earn 999 gold.

  • Necromancer

    Defeat 44 enemies with Corpse Absorption spells.

  • Oops

    Get your attacks blocked by enemies 50 times.

  • Orcs Must Die!

    Defeat 5 Orcs.

  • Pyromancer

    Defeat 50 enemies with Fire spells.

  • Reincarnation

    Discover another ending.

  • Roughneck

    Defeat 50 enemies with a Sledgehammer.

  • Rune Master

    Defeat 30 enemies with Runic spells.

  • Shield Crusher

    Land 50 attacks on enemies by penetrating their shields.

  • Sling of David

    Inflict 30 critical hits with Throwing weapons.

  • Spell Master

    Collect every Spell.

  • Sword Master

  • The End

    Arrive at the end.

  • The Fallen

  • Trap Master

    Defeat 20 enemies by using traps.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Open every treasure chest.

  • Troubleshooter

    Complete every quest.

  • Weapon Master

    Collect every weapon.

  • Art Collector

    Unlock every art piece.

  • Hardboiled

  • Trio