Super Cable Boy

Super Cable Boy is a retro inspired platformer, where you are playing a living handheld gaming system with a power cord. Collect game cartridges to become more powerful and take on your quest to defeat "the Glitch", an entity that 1▧01☠01௹1‱☣∰0␢⌀▧ ..
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  • Boot Up!

    Wake up your Super Cable Boy device from sleep mode.

  • Onigiri!

    Collect your first Onigiri.

  • Onigiri!!

    Collect two Onigiris.

  • Onigiri!!!

    Collect four Onigiris.

  • Onigiri!!!!

    Collect eight Onigiris.


    Collect 16 Onigiris.

  • ONIGIRI!!!!

    Collect 32 Onigiris.


    Collect 64 Onigiris.


    Collect 128 Onigiris.

  • Cable Cart

    Collect the Cable Cartridge.

  • Triple Jump Cart

    Collect the Triple Jump Cartridge.

  • Ink Cart

    Collect the Ink Cartridge.

  • Voltage Cart

    Collect the Voltage Cartridge.

  • NULL


  • Speedrun!

    Beat the Disassembler in under 15 seconds.

  • Time for some debugging!

    Reach the core.

  • Blue Pill

    Destroy the Glitch.

  • Red Pill

    Join the Glitch.

  • Bottom up approach!

    So here are all my Onigiris.

  • Rapid Aye Movement.

    We need to go deeper!

  • Free Space

    42 MB disk space available.

  • StackOverflowException

    Try to solve the Tower of Hanoi iteratively.

  • End Of File

    You've reached the end.

  • 100%

    All the levels!

  • I Died Again.

    Reset 1024 times.

  • Jump!

    Jump a total of 16384 times.

  • It's dangerous to go alone.

    Play Super Cable Boy with a friend.

  • This one random achievement

    Change the music volume.

  • You never listen!

    Skip through Mr. Suihanki's dialog quickly.

  • Power Saving Mode.

    Did you fall asleep?

  • I can dance!


  • I can talk!

    Hey! Listen!

  • G̶͕̚L̷̰͓͘͘Ḯ̵͈T̷̞͆C̷͓̹͗͘H̶͖̞́͋Ḛ̸͑D̴̖͘̚

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    Press F11 and write some feedback, while inside the game.

  • I'm gonna steal your data!

    Hack the cloud.

  • Jailbreak 0.72

    Jailbreak your Super Cable Boy device.

  • ONNNIIII.........GIIIRIII!!!

    Collect all Onigiris.

  • Increased Throughput

    Enter the pipeline.

  • Speedhack 0.9b

    Install the speed hack on your Super Cable Boy device.

  • What's so random about it?

    Enter the random forest

  • ????

    Find the random number