Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike - Fight enemies by collecting special orbs and popping pegs to deal damage. Acquire special relics that radically change the game and ensure no two runs are the same. Aim carefully to survive in this unique turn-based RPG!
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  • Holey Moley


    Defeat Avogadro, the Mole Boss

  • Math Is My Passion


    Deal just enough damage to defeat an enemy

  • End Of The Slime

    Defeat the Slime Boss

  • All In All

    Defeat the Demon Wall

  • Siege No More

    Defeat the Ballista Militia

  • First Come, First Served

    Defeat any boss on the first turn

  • Sticks And Stones

    Die during an event scenario

  • I Said Punny, Not Puny

    Deal exactly one damage

  • Don't Make Us Say It

    Deal more than 9000 damage in one shot

  • Spring Cleaning

    Fully clear a pegboard

  • Walking On Pegshells

    Hit 1000 pegs or more in one shot

  • It Was Not Your Time

    Leave an enemy with just one health point

  • Red Slime Green Slime

    Have Bramble 6 applied to an enemy

  • Wood you kindly?

    Defeat Avogadro's Tree before entering the Castle

  • Won't Get Ruined Again

    Defeat the Qaballistic Ruins

  • Sapper Sweeper

    Defeat the Super Sapper

  • The Treasurer Doesn't Measure Up

    Vanquish Thesaurosus the Avaricious Dragon

  • Poison IV

    Inflict 40+ Spinfection onto a single enemy

  • Ballwark in a China Shop

    Win a battle with 100+ Ballwark remaining

  • Slime After Slime

    Have an orb bounce only between slimed pegs 7 times before touching anything else

  • Some Assembly Required

    Assemble the Assemball

  • Critical Thinking

    Achieve a 5x crit multiplier with the Critsomallos Fleece

  • A Full Sweep

    Battle the Ballista Militia until all its minions have spawned

  • Where's my membership card?!

    Buy every item and relic, and remove an orb at Haglin's Shop at Cruciball Level 10 or higher

  • Multiballer

    Using the Matryorbshka, have 16 multiballs on screen at once

  • Cruciball Courier

    Complete Cruciball Level 5

  • Cruciball Captain

    Complete Cruciball Level 10

  • Cruciball Commander

    Complete Cruciball Level 15

  • New Leshy on Life

    Defeat Betsy the Leshy

  • In a Prickle

    Get three Bramballs stuck in Leshy's vines at the same time

  • Eggstravaganza

    Win a run with two eggs in your satchel