The Planet Crafter

A space survival open world terraforming crafting game, designed for 1 to 10 players. Alter the ecosystem of an inhospitable planet to render it habitable for humanity. Survive, gather resources, and build you base. Then, generate oxygen, warmth, and pressure to create a brand new biosphere.
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  • New Sky


    Reach full blue sky

  • Clouds in the sky


    Reach clouds

  • Life from the sky


    Reach rain level

  • Liquid water


    Reach liquid water level

  • So much water


    Reach full lakes level

  • Shelter


    Construct your first living compartment

  • Are we leaving?


    Craft your first launch platform

  • Biomass


    Craft your first biodome

  • Flowers on hostile planet


    Craft your first flower spreader

  • Vegetables in space


    Craft your first food grower

  • What could go wrong?


    Craft your first nuclear reactor

  • The Rare Red Ore


    Find Iridium

  • The Blue Rare Ore


    Find Osmium

  • Greenery

    Reach moss level

  • It's growing

    Reach herbs level

  • The Forests

    Reach trees level

  • Jungle

    Craft your first tree spreader

  • Genetic Engineer

    Craft your first DNA Manipulator

  • The White Rare Ore

    Find Zeolite

  • A Door ?

  • Golden flower

  • Fusion Energy

  • The Pink Rare Ore

  • Vivarium

    Reach insects level

  • Farming on Mars

    Create your first outside farm

  • Automation

    Craft your first ore extractor

  • Mushrooms river

    Discover the mushroom river

  • Not the face!

    Get hit by an asteroid

  • Ancient paradise

    Find the ancient paradise

  • Breath

    Reach atmosphere level

  • Bubbles under water

    Reach fish level

  • Logistics

    Build a drone

  • The factory must grow

    Build an autocrafter

  • Space Trading

    Build a space trading rocket

  • Space frogs

    Reach amphibians stage

  • Space smuggler

    Gain a total of 100 Terra Tokens

  • Space pirate

    Gain a total of 1000 Terra Tokens

  • Space trader

    Gain a total of 10000 Terra Tokens

  • Space magnate

    Gain a total of 100000 Terra Tokens

  • Cookie factory

    Bake a cookie

  • New life forms

    Craft your first DNA sequence

  • Distant Wrecks

    Craft a portal generator

  • Space zoo

    Craft an animal shelter

  • Barely surviving

    Craft 10 items

  • Getting comfy

    Craft 100 items

  • Unstoppable

    Craft 1000 items

  • Subjection

  • Subservience

  • Subversion

  • Rainbow caves

    Discover the rainbow caves

  • Jump in lava

    Get lava damages

  • Evolution

    Reach mammals level

  • Biosphere

    Reach complete terraformation

  • The Yellow Rare Ore

    Find Solard Quartz

  • The Cenote

    Discover the cenote biome