Candy Disaster - Tower Defense

Candy Disaster is 3D trap-style tower defense game where you guard candies against alien thieves! Unlock powerful and clever traps, choose your arsenal for different bases, and find the deadliest trap combination - then watch those space goons walk into their death!
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  • Wu~Hu

    Kill a Ma FeiFei any way you like

  • Fancy Diving Champion

    Kill an enemy environmentally

  • Two Bird One Stone

    Kill two ennemies in one shot

  • Look Long into An Abyss

    Sacrifice 10 enemies to a Cursed Abyss

  • The Theif Has His Own Way

    Kill an enemy environmentally with Gold Theif

  • Let His Own Wand Ding Him

    Sobek accidently commit suicide by his curse

  • Contract Is Invalid

    Anubis failed summon ghosts

  • Spaceship Accident

    Become a space mercenary and take your SSS challenge

  • End Of the Story

    Finish the story

  • Explorer In Forest

    Finish any level in forest

  • Nick Of Time

    Finish a level with only one candy left

  • Beginner

    Finish a level with all six candy left in Easy

  • Expert

    Finish a level with all six candy left in Challenge

  • Master

    Finish a level with all six candy left in SMASH

  • This Round On Me

    Kill Frankin's Rich Boss

  • Nothing To Fear

    Finish a level without counter Dinosaur Braves's summons

  • Tomb Raider:Candy

    Finish every desert level in any difficulty

  • And then?

    Kill the Pharaoh Ptah...Perhaps

  • Eternal Sleep

    Kill the Pharaoh Ptah Again

  • Salute!

    Finish every level in EA version

  • The Gift From Klaus

    The gift from developer

  • Victim List

    Unlock all the enemy maps

  • Trap Wholesalers

    Unlock all the traps

  • Shut Up!

    Counter Dinosaur Braves's summons

  • JK suit is power~(^_^)

    Be a witness when Sobek in women cloth

  • Congratulations

    Find an easter egg

  • Speeding Ticket

    Kill 500 Ma FeiFeis any way you like

  • Watch Your Step

    Kill 1000 enemies environmentally

  • Sobek! Nice job!

    Sobek's curse killed 4 enemies

  • The Eater's fastival

    Desert Snitch eats more than 100 projectile

  • Path To the Millionarires

    Steel 10000 coins by Gold Theif

  • Combo Prince

    Reach 100 combos

  • King Of the Jungle

    Finish every forest level in SMASH

  • Candyana Jones

    Finish every desert level in SMASH

  • Sobek is lucky!

    Sobek keep summon curse for three times

  • King of Fail

    Fail for more than 100 times

  • Someone's Sky

    Own over 6 springboards in a game

  • Fight Club

    Own over 5 super punches in a game

  • F for Fail

    Fail for the first time

  • Titanic

    Complete any Snow Theme level

  • Legendary Plumber

    Enemies are transferred for a total of 5,000 meters in pipelines

  • There's room for all

    Successfully suck in 6 enemies at a time with portal or pipeline

  • Five Star Combo

    Score 5 kills with one Pinball

  • You jump,i jump

    Drowning a total of 100 enemies in snow theme

  • No touching the fish

    Defeat a Queen of Thorns before she summon any bomb fish.

  • Crab hospitality

    Let one random enemy picks up three crab sticks

  • Beauty Freeze

    Yeti freezes three enemies at the same time in one hail skill releases.

  • My Heart Will Go On

    Complete any level with ice still remaining on the field