Need for Speed™ Heat

Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition, a white-knuckle street racer, where the lines of the law fade as the sun starts to set.
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  • Welcome to Palm City


  • Consider Yourself Noticed


  • Worlds Collide


  • Two Racers, One Event


    Beat your first Crew Time Trial

  • Wrap It Up!


    Customize a vehicle with a wrap

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job


    Complete your first Daily Challenge

  • At The Last Second


    Repair critical damage at a Gas Station at night

  • All For One


    Reach max Crew Level with your Crew

  • Humble Beginnings


    Reach REP Level 2

  • Home from Home

  • Merciless

  • Eleven - Fifty Six

    Take down 100 Cop Vehicles

  • Warp Speed

  • The Brightest Stars

    Get a 3 Star Rating on all the Activities in the game

  • Change My Name

    Change the text on the License Plate

  • A Bit Of Paradise

    Smash your way through all the Billboards

  • I Said Right Now!

    Win a race with a car at 399 Performance Rating

  • Be The Very Best

    Get all Collectibles and 3 stars on all Activities

  • Comeback Kid

    Go from last to first place during the final lap of a race and win

  • Carving Turns

  • Off the Grid

  • Friends Reunited

  • Drift, Drift, Drift

    Complete all Drift Zones

  • Techin'

    Win a race with parts equipped in both auxiliary part slots

  • Blame The Vain

    Win a race with all vehicle effects slots equipped

  • Travis, Who?

    Escape 100 Cop Chases

  • Benefits Are Nice

    Complete 25 events online with other players

  • You have friends?

    Complete 5 events online with other players

  • Get Shrimpin'

  • Graffer

    Collect all Street Art

  • The Most Wanted

    Win a High Heat 5 race and return to garage safely

  • Full Send

    Complete all Long Jumps

  • Sideways Style

    Win a race with handling parts for maximum drift equipped

  • The Hackney Dream

    Win a race with handling parts for maximum off-road traction equipped

  • Component Parts

    Win a race with handling parts for maximum road traction equipped

  • Redline

    Win a race with handling parts for maximum race equipped

  • Notorious

    Reach REP Level 50

  • Cashing In

    Earn and bank 1 000 000 REP during one night

  • Danger Zone

    Complete all Speed Traps

  • Swappin'

    Win a race in a vehicle with an engine swap

  • Around The World

    Win the Discovery Event

  • Hear Me Roar

    Win a race in a vehicle with tuned exhaust sound