Sunset Kingdom

Sunset Kingdom is a kingdom management game. In Sunset Kingdom your aim is to become the monarch of a prosperous land! Prepare to expand your kingdom, buildings roads and bridges between towns, castles, farms and more! Fend of bandit raids, get crushed by vikings, let your people starve to death and try again!
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  • Connected

    Build a bridge

  • Capital

    Turn a town into a capital

  • Ruler

    Win the game

  • Infrastructure

    Build 50+ roads/bridges

  • Wealthy

    Have 50+ gold coins in stock

  • Warlord

    Build 4 castles

  • Advance

    Research all perks

  • Feed the People

    Have 50k+ food stockpiled and have at least 3 towns on 50+ food consumption when a new moon starts

  • Revolution

    Win the game in less than 1.5 hours game time

  • Protector

    Win the game with no civilian casualties