Sproots is a colony management survival game where you control a group of 'sproots' - small pikmin-like creatures - that are in constant need of food and water. They can explore different biomes, pick up objects and study them, learn skills, craft structures and items and teach each other about their findings.
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  • Next Gen

    Hatch a new Sproot

  • Master Sproot

    Let a Sproot get a golden skill

  • Happy Family

    Have 5 Sproots or more at the same time

  • Passing Down Knowledge

    Let a 50+ year old Sproot teach a young Sproot (< 10 years old)

  • Circle of Life

    Have a Sproot pass away from old age

  • Haute Cuisine

    Cook ratatouille, a fruit pudding, a salad or steak and fries in a geyser

  • Impending Doom

    Find a ruined village

  • Legacy

    Reach the 100th cycle

  • Craftmanship

    Have a Sproot know at least 8 different crating recipes