Space Crew: Legendary Edition

Time for your toughest mission yet! Recruit and train your crew to tackle the growing threat from alien and android armies as you defend Earth to become a Galactic Legend in Space Crew: Legendary Edition. All new content free to existing owners of Space Crew!
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  • That must hurt

    Destroy 25 enemy phasmid ships

  • We're gonna fight

    Destroy 50 enemy phasmid ships

  • We're gonna win!

    Destroy 100 enemy phasmid ships

  • Nerves of steel

    Destroy 250 enemy phasmid ships

  • First Handshake?

    Kill 10 Enemy Phasmid Boarders.

  • Resistance is.. not futile?

    Kill 50 Enemy Phasmid Boarders

  • Fire Warden

    Extinguish 25 fires

  • Fire Fighter

    Extinguish 50 Fires

  • Nature abhors a vacuum

    Extinguish 50 Fires by decompressing the ship

  • Engineering Expert

    Repair on board systems 100 times

  • Payback Time

    Defeat 1 enemy champion in a single playthrough of the game

  • I feel safer already!

    Defeat 4 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game

  • Kill 'em all

    Defeat all 8 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game

  • Battle Hardened

    Have a member of your crew survive 30 missions

  • Bittersweet success

    Complete a mission and return to Athena with 2 or fewer crew members surviving

  • Mastery

    Fully level up a crew member

  • Double Mastery

    Fully Level up a crew member in two skills

  • Critical Reaction

    Lose the ship due to a reactor going critical

  • Scavenger

    Recover adandoned cargo, found adrift in space

  • Abandon Ship!

    Save one or more crew members from certain death by issuing the abandon ship command

  • What's a circle in three dimensions?

    Complete Phase 1 of the Campaign

  • Do not go gentle into that good night

    Complete Phase 2 of the Campaign

  • Saviour of Humanity

    Complete the campaign

  • Escape velocity

    Purge a crew member through the airlock

  • Back from the black

    Recover a Crew Member that was purged through the airlock before he dies.

  • Spaghettification

    Be torn apart by a Black Hole

  • Bomber Crew

  • A Close Encounter

    Destroy a Mothership

  • Escape Artist

    Slip away from enemy fighters by performing a hyperjump to a different area

  • Back from the brink

    Repair the reactor after it has gone subcritical