Death and Taxes

In this 2D, short narrative-based game, you assume the role of the Grim Reaper... on an office job. Your job is to decide which people are going to live or die. The consequences of your choices are yours to bear, while the mystery of your incarnation awaits revelation!
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  • Fate's Pet

  • Curious Grim

    Asked all questions in first lore Hub

  • I Scream

    Say that you like ice-cream

  • Meat Your Unmaker

    Suggest that the afterlife is an eldritch monster dating show

  • Feline Fury

    Pissed off the boss' cat

  • The Sacrifice

  • Make It Rain

    Get a raise

  • Demon Hunter

    Find the Immortal

  • Rulebender

  • Lifegiver

    Spare everyone on a single day

  • Deathbringer

    Doom everyone on a single day

  • To Be Or Not To Be

    Spend 10 minutes behind your desk without marking any profiles

  • Squeaky Clean

    Use the Eraser 10 times

  • Two-Face

    Flip the Decision Coin 100 times

  • Let It RIP

    Get the fidget spinner to go up in flames

  • Desk Jockey

    Cram all of your stuff into your desk drawers

  • Armageddon

  • Utopia

  • This Is Fine

  • Benefactor

  • Yarr!

    Visit Mortimer every day

  • Booty Obsession

    Buy all the items from the Shop

  • Necropimp

    Hold over 5000 darksouls

  • Classical

    Change your look to regular skull and cape

  • Mirror Lover

    Choose your appearance for more than 15 minutes straight

  • R.I.P. Fashion

    Collect all clothes and visages

  • Pineapple Lover

    Spare the guy who likes pineapple on pizza

  • Pineapple Hater

    Doom the guy who likes pineapple on pizza

  • Insubordinate

  • The Great Dying

  • Long Live The King

  • I'll Be Back

  • Ouroboros

  • Darwin Award

  • Begin Again

    Start a New Game+

  • Treehugger

  • Cure Cancer

  • Stonks

  • War Changes

  • Global Warming

  • Plague Doctor

  • Back To The Roots

  • Total War

  • Infinitarium

    Get all endings

  • Development Hell

  • Much Love

  • Lemons

  • EGG

  • Goodest Ending

  • What does the cactus say?

    Get the cactus to meow

  • Phastmatological Zoologist

    Collect all Desk Spirits

  • Posthumous Spiritualism

    Try all the drinks served at Cerberus' Den

  • Yot

    Press the Discord button

  • Balancer

    Score a vague personality in Cerri’s quiz

  • KILLDOZER 9000

    Score an aggressive personality in Cerri’s quiz

  • Misery Guts

    Score a grouchy personality in Cerri’s quiz

  • Oink

    Chunk up the Oink Bank

  • Ears of Steel

    Listen to all of Mortimer’s bar stories

  • Talemaster

    Spin a good story for Mortimer

  • Non Sequitur

    Spin a nonsensical story for Mortimer