Signs of the Sojourner

In this narrative card game about relationships and communication, navigate conversations in a colorful world reminiscent of our own. Learn and grow through the cards you choose to play. Who will you become? What will you leave behind?
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  • Settle Down

  • Ride off into the Sunset

  • Spark Revolution

  • Visit Hara

    Discover the abandoned city of Hara.

  • Visit Persarrey

    Discover the coastal enclave of Persarrey.

  • Visit the Wave Dancer

    Discover the Wave Dancer.

  • Visit the Long Gate

    Discover the mysterious Long Gate.

  • Pet the Dog

    Become BFFs with Thunder.

  • Repair Oscar

    Help repair Oscar.

  • Play Matchmaker

  • Caravaneer

    Complete all caravan routes.

  • A Home for Lars

    Help Lars find a new place to call home.

  • Reunite the Brothers

    Helps the twins reunite and find common ground again.

  • A Somber Day

    Attend a funeral.