Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Play the critically acclaimed masterpiece. Embark on a new journey in a vast, exotic world where you’ll encounter towering enemies and challenging puzzles on your quest to unravel Ori’s destiny.
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  • Close Call


  • Take the Bug by the Horn


  • Home Sweet Home


  • Laser Brain

  • Let the Waters Flow

  • Icy Escape

  • Dark Triumph

  • Guardian's Rest

  • Quick Sand

  • Stone Cold

  • Destiny

    Complete the Game

  • Hardcore Fan

    Complete Hard Mode

  • Tools of the Trade

    Unlock all Abilities

  • Mad Skills

    Upgrade all Abilities

  • Fully Slotted

    Upgrade all Shard Slots

  • Shard Hunter

    Unlock all Shards

  • Shard Specialist

    Upgrade all Shards

  • Powerful

    Max out Energy

  • Cartographer's Protégé

    Buy all Maps from Lupo

  • Shrine Bright

    Complete all Spirit Shrines

  • Lost and Found

    Find all Collectibles

  • Mark of the Trader

    Complete the Trade Sequence Quest

  • Completionist

    Complete every Side Quest

  • Fixer Upper

    Complete all Wellspring Glades Projects

  • Speed Demon

    Complete all Spirit Trials

  • Healthy

    Max out Life

  • Untouchable

  • Timely Demise

  • Juggling Act

    Juggle 3 or More Projectiles in the Air for Over 5 Seconds

  • Bring it On

    Defeat 5 Enemies Without Touching the Ground

  • High and Dry

    Avoid Touching any Corrupted Water

  • Damage Spike

    Defeat 3 Enemies with a Single Spike

  • Did I Do That?

    Defeat 10 Enemies using Environmental Hazards

  • Shardless

    Beat the Game Without Equipping a Shard

  • Lightless

    Beat the Game Without Spending any Spirit Light

  • Look at the Time

    Complete the Game in Under 4 Hours

  • Immortal

    Complete the Game without Dying