The Red Lantern

The Red Lantern is a narrative, dog sledding game about survival. You play as the Musher who, along with her team of 5 sled dogs, must find her way home. Care for your dogs, discover their stories, and learn how to navigate the unknowns of the Alaskan wilderness and prepare for your new life.
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  • We've all had one of those dreams

    Discovered it was just a nightmare.

  • Chomper has Chomped!

    Unlock Chomper's Potential

  • I can see clearly now

    Completed Stilton's Story

  • Completed Bodega's Story

    Just here for snacks.

  • Completed Igloo's Story

    Gettin' Iggy With It

  • Completed Noodle's Story

    Noodles go with everything

  • Completed Gale's Story

    And weathered the storm (and quills)

  • Completed Slayer's Story

    Black Magic

  • Completed Barkley's Story

    Found his voice

  • Completed Fin's Story

    Do you trust me?

  • Made it home

    The Red Lantern found the finish

  • Cursed by an owl

    Owl just keep my distance

  • Adopted a dog sledding team

    There are no bad dogs

  • Experienced your first encounter

    Live wildly!

  • Discovered the scratching tree

    They really do that!

  • Pondered if you got rabies

    Squirrel problems

  • Gulped down some raw meat

  • Fed the dogs a full bowl

  • Pet the dogs 100 times at camp

    You can most definitely pet the dogs

  • Set 20 Fires


  • Find a helpful tool

    Finders keepers

  • Find another tool that was left behind

    Alaskan Freegan

  • Successfully Fish

    Out of the wild...

  • See a bunny fly

    My dad is a bird

  • Discover all the gear

    We're gonna need a bigger sled

  • Completed the journal

    Nature is fun!

  • Complete all the dog stories

    Every dog deserves a home (and an accessory)