Fly Punch Boom!

The WILDEST ANIME FIGHT. Fly super fast, smash your friends through skyscrapers and break the planet with one punch! Up to 4 players local & 2 online. Now with workshop for INFINITE CHARACTERS!
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  • Lord of Destruction

    Unlock Lord Rekt

  • Peace & Love

    Unlock Bud

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    All stage kills in the two cities

  • Infinity and Beyond

    All stage kills beyond the stars

  • Wild Waters

    All stage kills under the sea

  • Treacherous Sands

    All kills among the dunes

  • Hot and Cold

    All stage kills in the sacred cave

  • Death Explorer

    All fatalities

  • Lore Master

    Unlock all lore pages

  • Learning to Smash

    Finish the tutorial

  • Don't need no teaching

    Beat Shin in the tutorial

  • Faces of Darkness

    Stare into all the eyes of joy

  • Love is all you need

    Share your heart with a friend

  • Now you see me

    Do 3 teleport combos in 1 round

  • Go home, CPU

    Beat arcade mode in hard difficulty

  • Disciple of Dan

    Charge special energy by taunting 10 times

  • Salty runback

    Kill both opponents in 2v2 after your friend gets killed

  • Bring me their heads

    Decapitate 10 times

  • Get outta here

    Stop a special with another special

  • Eat this

    Counter a special with an object

  • Stick it to ya

    Throw a big blob of cotton candy at your opponent

  • Just warming up

    Play 100 rounds

  • Can't stop me now

    Play 500 rounds

  • One with the Punchies

    Play 1000 rounds

  • Remote Warrior

    Play 100 online rounds

  • Playing Dress Up

    Finish arcade with all cosplays

  • Steel Fingers

    Mash super fast in power clash

  • Stronger Than Death

    Avoid certain death x2 in 1 round

  • Vanishing Act

    Do a 3 teleport combo


    Decapitate with a mega uppercut

  • See the Matrix

    Do a combo with 3 objects