Brunch Club

Welcome To Brunch Club - A 1-4 player game about food with a seasoning of pop culture. Each level and game mode providing you with difficult tasks to complete and put strain upon your friendships, with leader boards to compete on will you get the best time possible?
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  • Over Easy

    Complete all levels on Easy Difficulty

  • Recalled

    Complete Toastal Recall on Hard Difficulty

  • Welcome To The Party Pal

    Complete Fry Hard on Hard Difficulty

  • So Fetch

    Complete Mean Grills on Hard Difficulty

  • Simon Says

    Complete With A Vengeance on Hard Difficulty

  • Eleanor

    Complete Scone In 60 Seconds on Hard Difficulty

  • Winter is Coming

    Complete Game of Cones on Hard Difficulty

  • Now You Don't

    Complete Now You Sashimi on Hard Difficulty

  • Let Them Fight

    Complete a match of Face Off

  • Come on and Slam

    Compete in the arena in Riceball Rumble

  • That's a Tasty Burger

    Cook 50 Burgers

  • I Like The Way You Fry Boy

    Cook 50 Hotdogs

  • You Butter Believe It

    Butter 50 slices of Toast

  • Why Soy Serious

    Empty 10 Soy Bottles

  • Fry, Fry, and Fry Again

    Fail 25 times overall

  • Practice Makes Pancakes

    Fail 50 times overall

  • The Witwicky Motto

    Fail 100 times overall

  • It's October 3rd

  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

    Play Mean Grills on a Wednesday

  • Push It Real Good

    Knock over and empty 10 Salt and Pepper shakers